La fiesta de La Toya

La Toya Jackson is ready to be in the spotlights with a new controversial book and a new album... It's seems that "this time I know it's for real": starting over will be out!

To share my loyal La Toya' love I did a remix called "la fiesta del amor" with a video on youtube, you can see it here!

As La Toya is the queen of the summer music I want to share my own cover for her success "Reggae nights", what a shame she gave it to Jimmy Cliff, do you think it would have been a hit in 1984 if she was the singer of the song?

You can discover a caricature of La Toya Jackson here > theobodydrawings.
And a chic and sexy' LTJ image for desktop her > wallpaperaddict.

Also here is a festive wallpaper of La Toya in this summer vibes' style!

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