Dancing With The Stars
Voici un aperçu en images des talents d'animatrice de LaToya pour la tele realité "Dancing with the stars" ,ainsi qu'un compte-rendu en anglais de ses prestations.

[from Access Hollywood - extracts]
LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

La Toya Jackson has signed on as Access Hollywood’s guest correspondent covering the ninth season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” starting tonight, Wednesday, September 23, 2009.

“After having such a traumatic summer and respectfully declining an invitation to be a contestant on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ due to the circumstances, I am pleased to accept this invitation from Access Hollywood to be their special guest correspondent and I look forward to it,” said Jackson.

During the current season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” Jackson will be on hand to interview the contestants and provide insight for the viewers from her perspective as an experienced performer.

“She is the perfect fit for Access Hollywood and will bring a knowledgeable perspective to the show.”says Access Hollywood Executive Producer Rob Silverstein.

La Toya Jackson is busy continuing Michael Jackson’s lifetime of work with charitable causes and organizations.

Access Hollywood is distributed by NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution. Rob K. Silverstein is the executive producer.

Aaron Carter is heading into tonight’s “Dancing With the Stars” elimination round as the highest scoring male celebrity in the competition. But besides the high marks from the judges, the pop star also has two big fans on his side – Katherine and La Toya Jackson.

“My mother and I, we watch [‘DWTS’] together and she said, ‘Oh my God! Isn’t he great?’” La Toya, Access Hollywood’s “DWTS” correspondent, told Aaron following last night’s show.

“Thank you,” the pop star told La Toya. “It feels good to be back and I have the greatest partner. She’s really strict, she’s really sexy, she just knows what to do.”

“I think Michael Irvin is going to step up a lot and I think he’s really going to start doing a lot better,” Aaron said. “He’s a competitor… Next time he comes out on the dance floor, expect something completely different from him.”

And while others will be bringing their game face in the coming weeks on “Dancing,” provided they survive tonight’s elimination, Aaron is ready to go.

Karina even offered a hint of what’s to come for the couple, who are expected to carry on into Week 2 of competition.

“With [the] quick step we’re going to tap into a little bit of a show business and a character dance ‘cause we’re dancing to a very popular song,” she revealed. “He’s going to be Kermit the Frog and I’ll be Miss Piggy, so next week is going to be very, very fun.”

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La Toya à la une de la presse italienne:

La Toya Jackson: 'A casa di Michael hanno rubato il giorno che è morto'

La Toya, 53 anni, ha affermato che, il giorno della morte del fratello, sconosciuti -che lei ritiene facessero parte dell'entourage del King of Pop- hanno rubato di tutto per un valore di vari milioni di dollari. La cantante, intervistata dalla veterana giornalista televisiva statunitense Barbara Walters, ha riferito d'essere arrivata presso la villa Holmby Hills circa dieci ore dopo la tragica scomparsa di Michael e d'averla trovata "saccheggiata". La Toya, che da anni ha in preparazione il nuovo album "Startin' over", ha detto che vorrebbe "proprio trovare" le persone del "giro" del fratello che si sono indebitamente appropriate di "gioielli, soldi in contanti e ricordi" per milioni di dollari.
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What's your favorite LaToya' song?
#1 Home
#2 Camp kuchi kaia / Just wanna dance

What is LaToya's WORST song to you?
#1 Sexual Feeling
#2 Don't break my heart



LaToya was absolutly fabulous and has a huge success at the meeting of "millions of milkshake" where she present "The LaToya' official milkshake" in West Hollywood(when you buy one there's a donation for APLA).

I think she was so beautifull and a lot of fans had the opportunity to talk with her!

LaToya a fait un tabac avec son milkshake officiel à West Hollywood. Les ventes sont reversés à l'association APLA.


LaToya is the new reporter for Access Hollywood on "Dancing with the stars".

LaToya est devenue la nouvelle journaliste de Access Hollywood pour la télé realité "Dancing with the stars"



LaToya finally did her big world exclusive interview after Michael's passing.
It was yesterday on ABC for 20/20 with Barbara Walters. In a very classy way, LaToya (absolutly chic & gorgeous) speaks with her heart about Michael, his children, the future...

I haven't seen the whole interview (as I'm not american) but pieces where she says Michael tought he would be muredered. About how Paris loves her father...

I think it has a great audience caus' youtube was full of extracts of the interview only one hour after, on the other hand I'm not sure Toy is gonna be very popular by talking details of Michael's death, even if she did'nt get paid for the interview. I think she should have been because all celebrity are payed for everything they do, it's no secret!

The fun stuff is that, as other celebrities before, the sweet ToyToy is gonna be soon an icecream (look at the ad!) and its doesn't sucks!

Ca y est LaToya a fait son grand retour de reine de l'audimat avec son interview où elle parle de la vie sans Michael et de sa colère contre ses médecins. Une interview très suivie visiblement, elle fera encore audience bientôt chez Larry King.
Ensuite Toy va avoir un milkshake à son nom dans une célèbre boutique de West Hollywood (le quartier gay chic de L.A).

watch the interview thanks to Churchoflatoya!



Did you remember that fabulous advertising for the LaToya doll, back in 1988???

Not really? Well, admit it would have been a great idea! After alll Michael has his own 2 dolls too!

Let's go back to reality and see how poor Toy has real problems with her "Home":
(from an article)
LaToya Jackson's condo in default
LaToya Jackson appears to be on the verge of joining the celebrity foreclosure list.

A Las Vegas condo she purchased in 1996 for about $260,000 is in default with an unpaid balance of $750,000, according to documents filed in the Clark County recorder's office.
The property, which went into default in August 2006, is an 1,856-square foot 27th floor unit at Regency Towers inside Las Vegas Country Club.

Jackson, 53, was seen moving possessions out of Regency Towers days before the property was to go to public auction August 31.

A number of liens were placed against the condo over the years, some for delinquent homeowner fees, according to documents in the recorder's office. In March 2006, she was sent a notice of default for $7,500 owed on the residence.

Her late brother, Michael, had Neverland Ranch rescued from foreclosure in 2008 when Las Vegas Hilton co-owner Tom Barrack of Colony Capital, a real estate investment firm, bought the loan.

Découvrez ma nouvelle création: une pub pour les poupées La Toya! Après tout Michael aussi en avait! A part ça un journaliste rapporte que LaToya a des problèmes avec sa maison de Las Vegas qu'elle a du vendre récemment; demain Toy sera interviewé sur la chaine ABC!

video San Remo Awards(LaToya serait arrivée deuxième):


back to basics

Voici 2 fonds d'écrans LaToya que j'ai crée, qui j'espère vous plairont. Si vous voulez utiliser ces images merci de me le demander auparavant!
A part ca, Jermaine prépare un concert hommage à son frère avec de nombreux artistes mais a priori pas de LaToya... Si vous aimez "Home" n'oubliez pas de demander à vos radios préférées de la diffuser!

Let's enjoy some classicals Toy wallpapers, one with a new bright 3D LaToya logo I created, and the other as a music legacy' wall to the 84' album "Heart don't lie" (I already done one for "Imagination").
I'm also glad to receive a positive review for my blog, as you can see below, thanks to tatparade . + LOOK AT THE NEW POLL (SONDAGE) AT THE END OF THE PAGE.

A MJ concert tribute is organised by Jermaine Jackson, with Mary J Blige, Chris Brown...., but no La Toya, and Jan??? Nobody knows.
Please, if you can, don't forget to ask for "Home" to your favorite radio station & tv channel! That's what a Toy soldier do.

Such A Wicked Love in 1989


there's no place like HOME

It's a big come-back for LaToya with a lot of positive reviews for "home" single & video > don't forget to buy it!
Discover + my tribute video to the 88' song "Turn on the radio" & a pop icon "Warhol" wallpaper..
Découvrez le fond d'ecran pop art de LaToya + la video "Turn on the radio" et n'oubliez pas de diffuser la pub ci-jointe de "Home" une chanson apprecié sur musiqueradio, et disponible sur le site Virginmega !