As everybody know now the Jackson family is inside a very public crisis since few weeks...

What happened? Because the will of Michael Jackson is not including everybody, some brothers and sisters (not La Toya) decided to claim their money by proving in public that everything is a lie and then kidnapped Katherine Jackson (the mother) to ask her to leave her attorneys and then... Janet slapped Paris Jackson in the street because she did'nt wanted to give her a cell phone...
What a mess! Hopfully La Toya is the only clever person in the family and decided to stay quiet in her dignity.

Everybody attack each others on twitter while Marlon Jackson is crying on TV because nobody wants him to see again his mother... It seems that Marlon, TJ, Jakie and La Toya are banned from the family may be because they truely appreciate Michael's kids.

Who's bad??? Jermaine (really?), Janet, Randy and Rebbie: they all together try to split the family. La Toya Jackson is spreading love words on twitter and tell her friends she wants the family to talk about the problems in private... No drama, no drama: will somebody listen to La Toya?



Purple and orange for the ultimate Gay Diva / Queen of Pop! Put that on your desktop toysoldiers.
Here is a little presentation for my new anthology of L-T-J, such a shame JaTail and Universal didn't create a "Greatest hits" CD...

To finish here is one of the award La Toya Jackson received for her carreer :-)


La Toya has done it all

From Slovenia to Las Vegas or Paris, La Toya Jackson has been in concert all around the world!
Here is a video where she sings the great song of Michael "In the closet"!

Also take a look at this fabulous DVD cover for your best videos of the live performances of the Queen of Pop.

If you feel the funk... Listen to La Toya!



You can read the amazing life of La Toya, there's a new small edition of her book (starting over) with a beautiful cover!
I think that from her last album "Should have left you" should be the next single! What do you think?


Hope you'll enjoy this new megamix I did with La Toya' greatest songs: Reggae Night, Camp Kuchi Kaiai, Tropical Breeze, Summertime with you and many others!


As we all know, La Toya Jackson is a TV Queen since almost 30years now!
Here is for you toy soldiers a DVD design box for the best Tv moments and to start from "the bottom of everything".

Also take a look at my new links "La Toya' Products" on the blog, here you'll find how to buy everything La Toya... Today I bought the new deluxe edition of "Imagination" (I love this album) also you can now buy the 88 album called "You're gonna get rocked" on amazon or Itunes Japan!

From the "bad girl" album here are two creative vintage ep: "Do the salsa" and "You can count on me"!



After a long time, I'm back and I'm still a Toy Soldier.
Recently La Toya Jackson has done a lot of different things: playing a role in 90210 and singing Live for a tribute to her late brother Michael.

She also was recently on TV for the Talk and Wendy, see the beautiful pictures on the wallpaper.
Bonus: french press collection.