Yes, you can buy a new Home today with the fantoystic video, available now on iTunes!
Don't mess with Toy first video in decades! It looks like a very professionnal & beautiful work of quality!

Another subject I wonder since years is the meaning of LaToya , I think I found it : the original name is Toya, a nickname for Custodia (in spanish), La is the french article we use for famous people (like La Callas), and the meaning of Custodia is guardian... So that means LaToya is the guardian of the Jackson Family!!! Now we can call her Custodia Jackson!
I heard that her parents call her like that beacause it sounds asian ,and Toy (it's obvious) has mysterious asian roots > her face + her voice ! The funny thing is that asian call themself toy sometimes.

Find also wallpapers inspired by "home" & the "Moulin Rouge" period!

Ça y est: vous pouvez enfin acheter (et prévisualisé) la magnifique vidéo de LaToya sur iTunes!
recherchez dans Music Videos.
A part ca je viens de découvrir que le prénom LaToya est un diminutif de l'espagnol Custodia qui veut dire gardienne (...de la famille Jackson évidemment)! Mais il parait que ses parents l'ont appelé parce que ca sonne asiatique, vu que Toy ressemble a une asiatique (je développerai, mais c'est presque le clone de Tila Tequila)!

Je offre aussi 2 nouveaux fonds d"écrans pour custoymiser votre ordi.



LaToya is looking younger day after day, 2 days ago she was photographied with famous Larry King in a restaurant, she was so pretty! Will they work together? By the way here is a new preview of her "home" video! About the suspicions of LaToya, it was true, it's now sure that Michael death was a homicide said the Police of L.A! Today was Michael birthday, by the way. LaToya will make few tv show in september & maybe a english tv reality...
Here is my special tribute to Toy with all her "official titles"!

LaToya a encore été photographié très récemment, elle était resplendissante, en compagnie du journaliste Larry King, qui l'interviewera peut être bientôt... En tout cas elle fera beaucoup de télés dès septembre! Decouvrez un extrait officiel du futur clip de LaToya + une belle video hommage, et mon "tribute to LaToya" wallpaper.

C'est confirmé que la mort de Michael Jackson (qui aurait eu 51ans) est un homicide, mais peut être involontaire, en tout cas les soupçons de Toy étaient bien fondés. Affaire à suivre.


You're gonna get rocked by this video + book

Wow!.... after years & years of no real come back in the music industry LaToya has finally a new video for her great emotional song: Home! You can already see a preview of the video here!!! The final result in early September... LaToya looks amazing! La Toya is also going to co-guest the show "the view" and plan to make a duet with Peter Andre (now #1 in UK)!

Ca y est on peut enfin découvrir des extrait du nouveau clip de LaToya: Home! Elle est tres belle, c'est sa première video depuis plus de 10ans! Mais quel come back ca va être!
Decouvrez aussi Peter Andre parlant de son projet avec ToyToy...

Actuellement en France le livre autobiographique de La Toya (92) est reedité sous le titre "Michael Jackson la legende", même si le titre prete a confusion ce livre est tres interressant à lire (je l'ai dévoré en 2jours) et montre combien la vraie LaToya est eloignée de son image mediatique sulfureuse, ce serait plutôt une bonne sœur! Malgré tout elle defend et admire ses freres et soeurs, le livre est beaucoup moins virulent que je pensais, il dit juste la verité sur le comportement tyrannique de Joe Jackson, et la personnalité trouble de Katerine... Néanmoins on devine bien dans ce livre que LaToya est "endormie" par son ancien manager, le diabolique Jack Gordon!
Découvrez une interview française de 1992!


on video

La Toya is filmed often, she recently made a press conference for APLA, Michael was working with them before. All the benefits of the new single "Home" will be given to the association. Also discover the new latoyaonline !

decouvrez les dernière videos de La Toya, dont sa conference de presse pour l'association APLA qui aident les gens atteint du sida à Los Angeles, Toy leur reverse toutes les recettes de sa chanson hommage "Home".
La Toya a egalement un nouveau site avec blog, page myspace et page twitter!

video acccess hollywood

“I’ve been approached to do ‘Dancing With the Stars,’” Jackson told Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts exclusively on Thursday. “The fact of the matter is, I won’t be doing it, simply because of the circumstances that (are) going on at the moment.”

“I can’t see myself putting myself into there right now, dancing every single day when I’m still trying to find out what exactly happened to my brother,” Jackson said. “That’s the most important thing for me at this very moment.”

“I love that show,” La Toya Jackson explained. “It’s not only one of my favorite shows, it’s my mother’s as well. They had on television that I was doing it, and she goes, ‘Oh honey! Is that going to be you?’ I go, ‘Mother, that’s just a rumor.’ She just perked up! We watch it together.”

“I would love to do ‘American Idol,’” Jackson said. “I would love to be a judge on that show. I think I would do well with (Simon).”

“It means a lot to be down here to be able to provide something, to help the people that really need this the most. It’s one of the causes that my brother supported, so I’m very, very happy to be a part of this and to continue that for him,” she said. “I feel like I’m fulfilling his wishes.”

“It’s very heartbreaking. It really is,” she said. “We’re doing well. It’s very difficult for everybody.”


Ja-Tail/Bungalo/Universal Releases La Toya Jackson Single Home on iTunes Today With Proceeds Going to AIDS Project LA

Home is La Toya's Tribute to Michael Jackson and the Jackson Family

LOS ANGELES, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Home, a song co-written and co-produced by La Toya Jackson and Jeffre Phillips and sung by La Toya Jackson, was written with affection about her childhood memories and based on the premise that no matter where you are or what you are going through in your life, you can always go Home. The label had been planning on releasing another single from the album on this date, but with the passing of La Toya's brother, Michael, the label approached La Toya and Ja-Tail Records about releasing Home instead. La Toya decided if the song was to be released it would be with all the proceeds going to Michael's philanthropic causes.

Michael personally supported and donated to APLA, and it was a charity that he believed in. Therefore, Bungalo/Universal partnered with them by offering all of the download's proceeds to be donations to APLA.

Bungalo President Paul Ring comments on the release, "We felt that to move forward releasing La Toya's album as planned without recognizing Michael's tragic passing was inappropriate. After consulting with La Toya, we decided that both Bungalo and Ja-Tail Records would not earn any profit, but rather donate all of our time, energy, and proceeds to one of MJ's favorite charities, APLA. We feel that the song and La Toya are amazing and to be able to raise awareness and funds for this organization is exactly what Michael would have approved of!"

video ad "home"

interview APLA



La Toya is everywhere since few times. After the death of her brother, the paparazzi follow her everywhere! I gotta say that she looks very pretty those last weeks with her new hair cut! In french "peoples magazines" she's on cover for her interview about the suspicious death of Michael! Oops! traduced her interview. I was in Italia for the holidays and she was also in the magazines. Here you'll finbd her last pictures with Christian Audigier and shopping at Chanel. Also a fun stuff I did: a fake magazine "Toy'n'Us" about her scandalous life... Don't forget that in real life Toy is a really nice person!

Découvrez l'interview traduite de La Toya dans "oops!", La Toya fut également à la une dans Voici et de nombreux magazines jusqu'en Italie (photo bientôt). Elle est très photographiéE en ce moment, les paparazzi la suivent partout, chez Chanel ou au sortir d'un resto avec Christian Audigier!