Did you remember that fabulous advertising for the LaToya doll, back in 1988???

Not really? Well, admit it would have been a great idea! After alll Michael has his own 2 dolls too!

Let's go back to reality and see how poor Toy has real problems with her "Home":
(from an article)
LaToya Jackson's condo in default
LaToya Jackson appears to be on the verge of joining the celebrity foreclosure list.

A Las Vegas condo she purchased in 1996 for about $260,000 is in default with an unpaid balance of $750,000, according to documents filed in the Clark County recorder's office.
The property, which went into default in August 2006, is an 1,856-square foot 27th floor unit at Regency Towers inside Las Vegas Country Club.

Jackson, 53, was seen moving possessions out of Regency Towers days before the property was to go to public auction August 31.

A number of liens were placed against the condo over the years, some for delinquent homeowner fees, according to documents in the recorder's office. In March 2006, she was sent a notice of default for $7,500 owed on the residence.

Her late brother, Michael, had Neverland Ranch rescued from foreclosure in 2008 when Las Vegas Hilton co-owner Tom Barrack of Colony Capital, a real estate investment firm, bought the loan.

Découvrez ma nouvelle création: une pub pour les poupées La Toya! Après tout Michael aussi en avait! A part ça un journaliste rapporte que LaToya a des problèmes avec sa maison de Las Vegas qu'elle a du vendre récemment; demain Toy sera interviewé sur la chaine ABC!

video San Remo Awards(LaToya serait arrivée deuxième):


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