La Toya is everywhere since few times. After the death of her brother, the paparazzi follow her everywhere! I gotta say that she looks very pretty those last weeks with her new hair cut! In french "peoples magazines" she's on cover for her interview about the suspicious death of Michael! Oops! traduced her interview. I was in Italia for the holidays and she was also in the magazines. Here you'll finbd her last pictures with Christian Audigier and shopping at Chanel. Also a fun stuff I did: a fake magazine "Toy'n'Us" about her scandalous life... Don't forget that in real life Toy is a really nice person!

Découvrez l'interview traduite de La Toya dans "oops!", La Toya fut également à la une dans Voici et de nombreux magazines jusqu'en Italie (photo bientôt). Elle est très photographiéE en ce moment, les paparazzi la suivent partout, chez Chanel ou au sortir d'un resto avec Christian Audigier!


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